Forest Fire Prevention and Fuel Reduction

Budget Arbor & Logging, provides forestry management services to reduce the threat of wildfire and improve the overall health of the forest.

This can be done in two steps:

1. Clearing any and all dead vegetation.  (Dead vegetation is extremely flammable and acts as fuel to any fire.)

2. Removing and thinning of all dense vegetation and ladder fuels.  (By getting rid of dense vegetation and ladder fuels you can keep the fire from spreading. Without fuels the fire cannot stay alive.)

In addition to fire prevention, thinning and pruning improves the health of your trees and their resistance to insects and diseases.  It also reduces your liability of spreading a fire to neighbors.

We work with our clients to determine how to best manage their forested areas.  Much of the work we do is in conjunction with the Department of Natural Resources.   For more information on DNR Forestry Practices CLICK HERE.

Here is an example of our forestry management work:

Before fuel reduction work
After fuel reduction work