Budget Arbor & Logging specializes in tree service including close quarter and dangerous tree removal.  Our team is highly skilled in removing trees that are close to dwellings and other obstacles with minimal impact to surrounding property.  We have over 25 years of experience serving residential and commercial tree service customers in the Inland Northwest.

We are a locally trusted name that can provide this service while minimizing risk to your home or property.

Urban and Residential Logging

Urban, or back yard “logging” refers to the harvesting and utilizing of trees in an urban setting. Wood waste is an important environmental issue. If you or someone you know burns firewood we’d be happy to leave it behind for your use. There are other options as well that give us all peace of mind that the tree is going to good use instead of a landfill. We maintain our own self loader which allows us to offer log hauling services. Depending on the market conditions, the quality, and the age of the wood, we may be able to sell the wood and offer the property owner a reduced cost for the tree removal.

Not all trees and species are worth the same
and market conditions continuously vary.

Remember that “logging” a tree within close proximity of homes and other landscape assets requires great skill.  We specialize in close quarter, tall tree removal with low impact to the surrounding environment. Our company maintains its own bucket truck for use in especially tall or technical tree removals. We can log most evergreen trees such as pine, spruce and fir.

Choose the company that has the experience
and equipment you need for the job!


Stump Grinding

We provide professional stump grinding services for our customers. Grinding stumps removes the safety hazard of an exposed stump and eliminates an unsightly feature to the landscape. Stump grinding has far less impact to the surrounding areas than digging the stump up.

Stump grindings make excellent mulch after composted.   Complete cleanup of the stump grindings is available upon request.  However, this mulch can be used to improve the health of plants in existing flower beds.

Stump grinding in residential backyard

Some of the many benefits of mulch include:

• Preventing loss of water from the soil by evaporation

• Reducing the growth of weeds

• Maintaining more even soil temperatures by keeping soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

• Preventing soil splashing

• Decaying mulch adds nutrients to the soil to help your landscape

• Improving the absorption of water into the soil by preventing soil crusting

• Protecting the trunks of trees and shrubs from harm by lawn equipment

• Preventing soil compaction in your yard


Spring Clean Up and Winterizing

In the fall, trees enter their dormant phase which does not mean they become inactive; they just slow down their natural processes. Once their leaves have fallen off, it becomes easier to see and therefore evaluate the overall structure and health of a tree. That makes it a great time to call an arborist to formulate a plan for the tree’s care, as well as, schedule any necessary corrective or aesthetic pruning. This is a good time of the year to also consider deadwooding and developing a fire prevention plan for your property.

Springtime is another great opportunity to evaluate a tree’s overall health and structure and formulate plans for the optimum health of the tree. It’s another ideal time to prune. Consulting an arborist will ensure your tree gets the best possible start to its new growing season and will help ward off future problems that would have to be corrected later in the year.



Pruning and Thinning

Pruning and thinning of a tree or shrub is something that can be done to allow for better views on an existing property, or to create a healthier looking plant.  If you have a view that is being blocked by a tree or shrub, but don’t want to remove the plant, allow our highly trained employees to thin and prune the specimen to give you the best of both worlds.  You may also choose, or if the health of the tree or shrub dictates,  removal of the specimen as well.  Often times an unsightly tree or shrub can be salvaged and made to be much more aesthetically pleasing with proper, skillful pruning.

Standard Deadwood Prune: removes deadwood down to 1” diameter. Also removes crossing and over-crowded limbs that are 1” or more in diameter or larger.

Fine Deadwood Prune: removes deadwood down to 1/4 “ diameter. Also removes crossing or overcrowded limbs that are 1/4 “ in diameter or larger.

Hazard Prune: removes only those limbs 4” or more in diameter that are dead or damaged.

Crown Restoration: a corrective pruning technique to restore a tree that has been topped.

Selective pruning: eliminates the weakest branches and allows stronger branches to grow and develop a healthy canopy. This process requires continued maintenance and takes several years.



As “The Hillier Gardener’s Guide to Trees and Shrubs” puts it:

“Proper pruning is one of the best things you can do to help keep a tree healthy. Conversely, bad pruning is one of the worst things that you can do to a tree.”

Budget Arbor & Logging’s employees are highly trained in the art and science of proper pruning techniques and methods.  We have over 25 years of experience pruning and thinning for aesthetic and view enhancement, as well as for the optimum health and longevity of a specimen. We prune using the ANSI A300 industry standards for tree care operations.


Fire Prevention

Budget Arbor & Logging Services can create a zone around your home where vegetation has been modified to reduce the threat of wildfire.

This can be done in two steps:

1. Clearing any and all dead vegetation. (Dead vegetation is extremely flammable and acts as fuel to any fire.)

2. Removing and thinning of all dense vegetation and ladder fuels. (By getting rid of dense vegetation and ladder fuels you can keep the fire from spreading. Without fuels the fire cannot stay alive.)

In addition to fire prevention, thinning and pruning improves the health of your trees and their resistance to insects and diseases. It also reduces your liability of spreading a fire to neighbors.

Before fuel reduction and fire prevention work
After fuel reduction and fire prevention work


Lot Clearing / Lake Properties

Whether you are looking to clear cut all or a portion of your property, enhance views by selectively removing trees, fireproof your property, thin out existing trees to leave a “natural” look yet make the property more manageable, create trails, pathways, driveways or roadways, Budget Arbor & Logging is skilled in and equipped to accommodate your needs.

Just call to arrange a free evaluation and estimate where we will listen carefully to your needs and advise you accordingly.

Depending upon the type of wood on your property and the current market conditions, we may be able to offer you a price differential for the lumber that is removed.

When clearing your lot or lake property, our goal is to assist you in making your property more enjoyable, functional, and safe!


Portable Sawmill

Imagine building a home or other structure on your property using lumber that was harvested from the trees that grew on your property and were already being removed to make room for the structure. In addition, the entire process of removing the trees and turning them into usable lumber took place all on your property without the additional cost and waste of transporting the trees from your location, to a mill, and back again!

We are able to offer the incredible service of a portable saw mill that can be pulled right behind our other equipment and used to do just that!

Please be sure to ask for a quote for this service when inquiring about having your property cleared.


Emergency Services

If you find yourself in need of emergency tree removal services that cannot wait until normal business hours, we provide 24 hour a day, 7 days a week emergency service. Your safety and the health of your trees is very important to us!

Removing a tree with the bucket truck


Yard and Storm Damage Cleanup

We provide professional clean up services for our customers. We provide a fully contained system for chipping limbs as well as the removal of all downed timber from property. When we provide our stump grinding service, it is important to note that the customer is left with a mound of grindings that make excellent mulch after composting.